Chris Pople Consulting

CASE STUDY: RS Group plc

8 August 2023

Global Pricing Manager – RS Group PLC, London, UK (2010-16)

  • Provide and deliver strategic direction for product pricing strategies for UK, EU and APAC.
  • Develop pricing models for review and business decision-making to maximise price impact and potential.
  • Leads the Price Perception global commercial priority, delivery new & innovative ideas to drive customer price perception.
  • Improve Value For Money through a variety of pricing activities e.g. promotions, strategic pricing, brand pricing and cost-plus revenue generation.
  • Improve product price perception working closely with the Category Business teams to focus on key technology areas.
  • Review pricing decisions and make recommendations for change and improvement.
  • Deliver PR on price changes to both internal and external customers through online and offline channels.
  • Utilise BI to advise of the impact of pricing decisions to the business.
  • Develop and implement pricing processes and communicate and train key stakeholders to maximise pricing potential.

Chris Pople Consulting was established to support businesses leverage the benefits of pricing to maximise profits.

With a clear ‘simplify, execute, and grow’ philosophy, this is about delivering actionable insight and solutions for business to yield long-term sustainable growth.

Chris is a Certified Pricing Professional and Member of the Professional Pricing Society.

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