We flex

We will cover a wide range of opportunities with you, and tailor an approach that perfectly suits your business needs.

We collaborate

We’ll quickly immerse ourselves in your organisation, working alongside your key stakeholders

We embed

We don’t just do pricing – it’s about embedding expertise for the long-term benefit of your organisation.

You are engaging consultants to provide recommendations. Many consultant firms will provide you with endless PowerPoint presentations telling you what to do, then leave you to it! That is where Chris Pople Consulting is different – we’ll work with you to implement change through effective project management to ensure that results are sustainable.


1 – Commercial analysis

The ‘discovery’ phase – we’ll conduct thorough analysis on the areas of focus and forecast the potential upside of adopting a pricing strategy together with improved pricing capability.

Customers – why do they buy, what do they buy and how do they buy. We’ll also look at their expectations – do meet, fall short or exceed them and in what ways. We’ll conduct thorough interviews in conjunction with you to find out the answers to these questions.

Commercial Analysis – we’ll review the existing revenue and margin bridges to understand the key challenges. We’ll develop a view of Price, Volume and Mix at a granular level to understand what is currently driving and where the pain points are.

Transactional Data – Sales by product, basket of goods, marketing costs, shipping costs……..broken down as much as possible (by channel, method, POS etc)

Competitor Data – utilise 3rd party data to understand current market position and opportunities.

People – how Salespeople interact with customers, how they sell, negotiate and bring the value of the product/service to the customer.


2 – Quick wins

From the Commercial Analysis phase, we’ll identify some opportunities to execute immediately.

Here, we’ll learn about how the business handles change and how adaptable process, systems and frameworks can be. It will be our first approach to ‘test & learn’.


3 – Test & learn

We’ll use one of the ‘Quick Wins’ to act as a test – how does the business respond to change? How do customers react – do they do what we expect?

We will align systems, processes and tools to maximise the impact. Crucially, we will measure the impact and learn from what happens – this helps formulate the Pricing Strategy and how we will deliver.

4 – Pricing strategy

We’ll work with you to understand the organisation aspirations for sales & margin and co-develop a pricing strategy and process which is outcome-based.

This will be at a product/category/channel/customer level so that it fits the organisation goals and objectives. We will also ‘test & learn’ to understand the customer response.

Strategy – we group products according to your business knowledge and targets and look to generate price recommendations using the data and insight available to use.

Testing – we’ll test price points, processes and structures to see how customers and Salespeople adopt and react. We’ll then modify the approach and refine as we go along.

Scenarios – we can work with you to build out scenarios, using elasticity and forecasts so if you have individual objectives, we can work out how best to achieve them.

5 – Financial results

We’ll measure the financial results being achieved and look to optimise the pricing strategy and price recommendations as we move forward.

We will recommend reporting best practice and standard reports to best evaluate what is happening, alongside the organisational and pricing capabilities for long-term sustainable results.

We’re your pricing business partner and here for you for the long term, improving your sales, margin and profitability.

6 – Revenue & margin optimisation

As we start to see the financial results, we’ll work with you to optimise based on your growth areas and sales strategy.

We’ll find the balance to grow sales profitability, with an ongoing programme of ‘test & learn’ together with some tried & test strategies.

7 – Bids, tenders and RFPs

We can review your processes, and optimise the customer experience through tried & tested tools.

We will embed data capture so we learn from our successes & failures, ultimately setting prices that win and frameworks for Sales people to use.

8 – People, data & tools

As you commence on the pricing journey, we will evolve the tools, systems and process so that they are fit for purpose.

We’ll bring our expertise and work with your people to develop & implement.

9 – Sales effectiveness & channel strategies

We’ll ensure the Sales function has the right tools to be effective with our pricing practices.

We’ll work with you to improve sales effectiveness and implement new channel strategies for new products & markets. We embed a “value-based” selling approach, looking for CRM opportunities and new developments.

10 – Pricing training

We can support Learning & Development with recommendations of best practice for Sales people with regard to pricing & negotiation.

Value-based selling is key to what we do, and we’ll embed ourselves in your Sales organisation to work with them and improve customer outcomes.

11 – Best practice

We’ll share pricing best practice with you to put you on the path to continuous improvement.

This can include creating, delivering and implementing a Pricing function which is embedded into your business. We’ll find the people for you that are right for your business, through our extensive range of contacts and support.